It's a beautiful Sunday here in Chicago, and what better weather to thank some of our mamas for bringing us into this world.


Betty, Dr. Morell's ma, has been with us since day one, dilligently following this blog and sportin' the Cuttin Crew signature shirt!

Mama Perkins has been known to not only show up to some track racing, but also throw in a buck or two as one of our 2012 sponsors!

Jean shows off where Max got the talent to cut the rug!

Brian's mama, Linda, has been a great supporting role in his life and along the sidelines of all CCC events!

My mama, Judi, shows her team spirit with a couple of beautiful quilts!

Judy's lack of fear in streets of Chicago definitely rubbed off on Daphne!

And Tresa, the beautiful mother of Ella and wife of Avi...the way this woman juggles three super active kids is astounding!


And speaking of MoM, yesterday's Monsters of the Midway allowed the ladies to showcase some skills of Team Prime and Team Podium! Seems like the ladies stole all of the luck doled out for the day, as the dudes contested against strong fields and flat tires with some unfortunate circumstances. Andrew and Jeff took the mics and easily stole the MC of the IL Cup awards while Dapher's mom braved the rain to cheer the Crew. All in all, another day of bike racing in the books!

For more mama inspiration, be sure to check out ICA's post of the mamas of Illinois bike racing!

See you at the track Thursday!