Winning Tutorial


Check out our interview at ICA's website! They've posted a lot of really cool media lately, and I can't wait to see what else they've got in store for the season!

We've got a barrage of results to share! 2012 is looking realllll good.

March 24th brought about Barry Roubaix, a grueling gravel race in Michigan. Mumford, Max, Avi, and Christina made the trek and made the results! (If you want more stories, you know all you gotta do is ask them!)

Max - 6th, 36-mile 20-29 Men

Avi - 4th, 36-mile Single Speed

Christina - 2nd, 36-mile 11-29 Women

Mumford - 19th, 62-mile Overall

Followed came a week of racing with Half Acre's well executed Gapers Block Crits, making history with an average of 38 women racing each night! Not all of the racers were placed, but of the results, we had teammates make marks every day!

3/26/12 Mike - 2nd

3/27/12 Avi - 6th Christina - 3rd

3/28/12 Marie - 9th Christina - 10th

3/29/12 Marie - 3rd Max - 3rd Andrew - 11th Josh - 17th

And, finally, the first race of the Illinois Cup series, Super Crit highlighted some lessons.

Lesson #1: Always bring extra pairs of everything because it is much colder than predicts

Lesson #2: You are stronger than you think you are

Lesson #3: If you work as a team, you will get amazing team results

Lesson # 4: Don't give up til you cross that line

Lesson #5: When you win a race, you have exactly one obligation: opposed to... (thanks Greg for the photos!)


Womens 4: Daphne - 1st Marie - 2nd

Mens 4/5: Andrew - 7th

Womens Open: Daphne -  6th

Mens 4: Andrew - 19th Josh - 27th

Our next sanctioned race is looking like Hillsboro, but if you wanna keep in shape this weekend, join us for BEERSTER!