Done Did Best Year Ever

Soooo...we put together this really fantastic limited edition 2012 Chicago Cuttin' Crew Calendar for our wonderful sponsors, and being the punctual team that we are, we'd like to welcome February 2012 to all of our site followers by presenting pdf versions. We love you guys! Keep following us! We've got a million and one goals for 2012, and we'd love to have you guys hop on for another ride!

Without further ado (right click, choose "Save As"),

Version 1 - EZ Layout: for those of you who want it printed simply

Version 2 - EXTREME Layout: for those of you who know how to manipulate your settings to make it print as a real calendar (trust us, this one is tricky to figure out, but we have full faith in your ambition)

ENJOY, family, friends, rivals, and everyone in between!


CCC fam