Do It At State Champs

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If you weren't there, that's a damn shame. You missed great racing weather, free hot dogs and soup courtesy of Turin, stellar performances, and some real classy Sweet Justice.


Womens 1/2/3: Christina - 7th

Cat 3: Max – 8th Mike - 18th Nico - 33rd Josh - 62nd

Womens 4: Marie – 5th

Juniors: Ella -  <3 TEAM DOUBLE UP DFL <3

Cat 1/2/3: Avi -  28th

Cat 4: Ella – Note that she doubled up and you did not. Hero. Status.

Christina pulled away with the bronze Illinois Champ medal (in the big kid category!), Avi continued the tradition with the Jordan jerz, and Ella had the biggest performance of all.

DEATH BEFORE DNF is somewhere on the Neurohr Crest.

Keep informed and in the know for the ever wonderful Afterglow.