Do It In the Wind

Photos courtesy John Wrycza

Welp. That happened. And if you weren't there, you not only missed Mumford's rendition of a karaoke classic, but also some very successful races and heckles.

Photo courtesy of Tati

Saturday Results:

Womens 1/2/3: Jannette - 6th Christina - 7th

Cat 3: Snax - 11th Nico - 12th

Womens 4: Marie - 8th

Cat 4: Jeffrey - 50th

Walter shows off her ferociousness

Sundae Results:

Womens 1/2/3: Christina - 5th Jamers - 11th

Cat 3: Snax - 11th Nico - 14th Morell - 15th

Womens 4: Marie - 7th

Cat 4: Josh- 45th Ben - Coolest CX Bike Set Up Evarrr

One of many excellent Sweet Justice Hand Ups

Again, thanks to the organizers, the partiers, Indian Lakes Resort for dealing with our impromptu sing-a-long in the foyer, and South Chicago Wheelmen for putting madd dollars in our hands!

See you at Montrose, fer sherrrr!!!!