Do It In Style!

Heyyy, so there's this race coming up...

It's really fun!

And I know you might think all those cool kids are really intimidating, but I can guarantee that the crew throwing this is suuuuper welcoming! They're really great at incorporating well-know places and fun activities in the route with the nicest people running the check points. All proceeds go to the Chicago Women's Health Center, so you know they're good people.

And they're super organized! SO organized, in fact, that PRE-REG is already set up! We can totally save $10 just by signing up today.

And you wanna know the best part? It's a STYLE ride----we can glam it up proper, so even if we're not the fastest couple, we could definitely contend in the LOOKIN' GOOD & FEELIN' GOOD category!

So...whaddya say?

Wanna go to Sadie with me?