Done Did It In the HAYYYYY

Many thanks to Robots, North Central Cyclery, and HA for doing it up for another successful Hopkins Cross! After a day full of spectacular weather, a gallon of cider, and eight year-olds making fun of us, we stole away with some solid results. Here is the palmarès of the day:

Womens 1/2/3: Jannette - 10th Xtina - Most Aggressive Rider à la flatting out and breaking a chain in one race

Cat 3: Snaxwell - 8th Nico - 22nd Morell - 25th Jannette - Biggest Smile

Womens 4: Marie - 12th

Cat 1/2/3: Snaxwell - 21st

OUILSSSCXC: Xtina - 1st! She gets to represent out in San Francisco for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships!!! Avi - 7th, Most Tape Collected During Race Snax - 25th, and strong member of Team Triple Up! Nico - Best Hair / HOLE SHOT

Again, thanks to all of the sponsors! (Especially Sir Jensen for makin' these sweet gifs and rulin' at organizing!)


Because I cannot get enough, here's another, courtesy of Paul (check out his other fantastic photos)!