Young AND Hot

(sooo good, ya gotta use it twice.. special thanks to Ed White)

For those of you that haven't been taking notes  on the teen dream (apparently some of you are), there is in fact a fresh new face plucked from the street scene and thrown into some spandex that has come out reallll hot. His resume over the last month reflects that - what with wins (and solo lap-up efforts) at Monsters, Fox River Grove, Quad City Crit, Spring Prairie RR and sweeps at Northbrook velodrome with more laps on the field to even count. Fear not, people. There is justice in the world. His results only look to get better as his passion for the bike has flourished into a full on obsession. We're here to ensure he keeps at it. Thanks for the chance, Bri! Yup. This big dog came out to roll. Y'all are welcome to stay on the porch.