Git up and git out these next few weekends!

Holy Crap there is a lot of stuff going on over these next two weeks!

The majority of the team's road contingent will be making a trek out to Galena for the inaugural Tour of Galena being put on by xXx. As a team, this Cuttin' Crew representation was made possible through the financial backing from our major sponsors and we look to do you all proud as we will be staffing 7 racers in the men's 4's, 2 women in the 4's and, of course, our rockstar phenom, Miss Jannette Rho will be beaming with smiles of joy (and a new tooth) as she'll be out there representing our fine rag tag bunch in the Pro/1/2/3 Category. If the libations for the cheer choir don't create too much trouble and the internet works on them there smart phones, you could even expect live updates on site from the world's greatest support crew (Erin Dickey. and, well, me... Jeff)

If you aren't available or not into the whole roadie thing, there is still quite a Saturday for you to behold. There is going to be a Dre Day BBQ this Saturday at Union Park. It will be a re-creation of that awesome Dre Day back on his 50th bday. Pay no attention to the flier date. I just wanted to share that old thing. All are welcome to come raise a can and smoke some meats/non-meats and have a good time gathering in honor of one of the world's finest. Gather at Cal's at noon to ride over to Union Park. Again, it's this Saturday, June 11.

There will also be an unprecedented return for the Chicago faction of Global Gutz! So after reliving your fond memories of Mr. Gordon, you can do as Dre would have done and throw down for a ride around town and party hard! Be sure to get the whole lowdown of it on facebook.

Let's not forget we also have the raindate for Velo-City 2011, Chicago coming up! June 18th is the date. 8:30 AM is departure time! More details on that next week.