!!2011 is the best year ever!!

(Photo thanks to Luke Seemann)

Cut back to late Fall of 2007 and a group of dudes gathering in Adam Clark's garage to put together an obnoxious bike team consisting of the greatest assembly of bike geek invalids this side of the internet. (Fun fact: we were this close to being named Mayor Daley's Race Winning Task Force.)

That marked the time the seat harnesses lowered and we each grabbed the grips in naive anticipation for a ride on this crazy roller coaster. We've encountered countless transitions, lessons, experiences, successes, losses and had plenty of shenanigans...

2010 was just a small slice of it all. J Rho kicked off her addiction. Brean is kind of a big deal42nd place drew some attention. When Nico wins, everybody wins. It's all J-Pain does. When she doesn't, she does the next best thing. Who knew Brean could be classy? There was an absolute treat to be had in Wisco. Cleaning house was cool in Fall, too. Avi validated his master's upgrade for serious. DERRUMBA! BACK TO BACKWe checked out the new hot scene. The new guy repped out West. Double Up. We popped a massive cherry.

We also won't ever forget the world lost a great man last year.

Here we are in 2011. Here to prove that not all ideas get thrown out before the end of the first go 'round. We are a bit more grown, a bit more cast about, increasingly ambitious on an individual and larger scale, but we are still just as strong and gorgeous as ever . We've got some fresh new faces on the Crew to announce and, true to form, we'll be unleashing them along with all our fun/legal exploits upon all 3 of our loyal readers slowly and surely. Until then just remember..