The close of the 2010 Chicago Cyclocross season is upon us. The big event is here. Turin hosts the Illinois State CX Championships this Sunday (12/5) to mark the apex of another successful Chicago Cyclocross Cup season! It's held yet again at lovely Montrose Harbor.

It's been quite a 'cross season. The usuals weren't always there in body but they were there in spirit. The highlights are aplenty across the board, including a great trip out to Michigan as well as one insanely awesome weekend in Indain Lakes. Results lean heavily in favor of what the ladies of the Cuttin Crew continued to do out there in the dirt. One lovely lady marked her triumphant return to the world of two wheels while the other two started a nasty little habit of cleaning up in the 4's.

With that, everyone's eyes are focusing on Montrose and what guarantees to be the biggest and coldest race of the season. ...let's hope until this next one...

BAM! (flier by teeners) The Chicago Cuttin Crew has taken the hand of Half Acre Cycling to bring you all one last legitimate opportunity for to perpetuate that notion you thought you had regarding your (lacking) sanity. We will be co-hosting the final race of Chicago's 2010 cyclocross season, entitled Afterglow - a Cyclocross Race, at Humboldt Park on the 18th of December.

It's gonna be good. Great. Historic! It will be the Cuttin Crew's first USAC sanctioned event and Half Acre's 946th. It's got its own official announcers, the one's that you all love. It's got its own single speed category. It's stupid cheap to register. AND, it's all ready got it's own after party host! Ha-a-ay! Check out the party flier courtesy of Michael Young and stay tuned to facebook and/or this site for further updates on what's really going down this December!