Here we go!

First and foremost our hearts go out to the friends and family of Jeff Littman. It's really very tragic news for all parties involved. A rough reminder to make the most of what you have going on and appreciate the moments and people that make your day special.

That said, we want to celebrate a few special moments coming up yet again for our Chicago messenger contingent.

Number 1 is the good ol' Messenger Appreciation Day which is rapidly approaching as with this coming Saturday, October 9th (10/9). If you don't remember we wrote a little glimpse into what it means to us to be a messenger and part of this community through a tribute to the start of Dr. Morell's 10th year.

Thanks to everyone's friends at the Active Transportation Alliance, there will be a rather generous happy hour going on at Mother Hubbard's bar on Wednesday, October 6th. It's become a wonderful tradition they've started over there and it really most certainly is appreciated.

Number 2 is the big event coming up that will be surrounding Appreciation day - the North American Cycle Courier Championships! Last year, in Boston, there was one helluva show with Christina cleaning up in the commission department and taking 1st place overall while Nico took 2nd place overall and 1st m-m-m-male! Certainly a proud moment for this team and this city!

This year the ruckus finds its way to Atlanta. Our defending champs won't be travelling alone either. If my math is right you can count on there being a Chicago group numbering near a dozen. Chicago rolls deep! Good luck to everyone headed down there and be sure to party hard and ride harder! (or just party really hard)