It's that time of year again

The Cycle Messenger World Championships are upon us. This year it is in the exotic locale of Panajachel, Guatemala. The CMWC's are such a beautiful thing and a great treat for those that get to travel to it. Our team's first one was the maiden voyage with the cruiser and that was just a short hop to Toronto. Last year it was an incredible trip that took many of us to Tokyo. This year we're looking to be well represented yet again in Guatemala.

Hopefully we'll have plenty of chances to communicate the (mis)adventures. Don't be surprised if you get the abridged twitter-esque version because, well, we're gonna be enjoying Guatemala (bitches!!!)

Preliminary reports reveal lots of rainfall bogging down some of the roads and making for rather "interesting" conditions. It apparently won't be ending any time soon, either. It is of no significance because, well, we're gonna be in Guatemala (see previous aside.)

I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend. Quick reminder - September 25 is a date to keep the calendar clear...