CCC v3

Perhaps you've noticed the Crew stepping out at 2010 races in Tron Blue. We've been putting the finishing touches on a few things, and better late than never, we'll be out racing this weekend in our new kits, codenamed: Thunder Thighs. More importantly, we want to make some introductions. If you take a look over on the left hand side of your page, you'll see some old names and some new ones. These are the folks that support the local racing scene, and despite the rollercoaster ride our economy has been taking, they are still in the game.First things first, unless you crawled out from under a rock, you know that Marcus over at Yojimbo's Garage has been down since day one. He may not be racing wheels these days, but he's still lacing 'em. So get yourself over there already and shop local.Next up, Bari is back in our corner. As if you need an excuse to find the best deal in town for a sandwich the size of your arm, think about this: these guys have been sponsoring Chicago bike racing for years, well before we came along. So after a long day in the saddle, hustle over there cuz they close at 6:30. Fraaaaaaaaank! We've got a new name on the totem pole over there: GK Snacks. This time of year, we put the Bears/Packers rivalry aside and head north for some of the best road racing in these parts, not to mention everyone's favorite 333M track in Kenosha. Sure, the hills beat most of us flatlanders up, but on the way home, you can get some good calories at every turn. Up in Waukesha, these guys have been at it since 1921, so I think they can handle a bus full of bike racers. Stop by the bus, we got yer snacks!

It happens all the time: You need an architect, and the first thing you think is "Where can I find a firm that's bike friendly and supports racing?" Wonder no more, Architrave has you covered.

As if you had to ask, everyone's favorite employee-owned messenger collective is back. Four Star Courier Collective, for all your delivery needs.

...and in the spirit of friendly competition, we've got another local courier shop on board. Apex Courier, for all your other delivery needs. Supporting local racing in more ways than one.

You've probably pulled up to a race and seen the pro-looking guys warming up on rollers, but you found yourself thinking "Man, I'd love some of those, but the carbon footprint to ship a set from Germany is pretty hard to offset. If only I could find some made in the good old U.S. of A?" Look no further, as just across the Indiana border, SportCrafters has your number. (Stay tuned, they are also big fans of our cyclocross scene, and we're going to help them spread the love in NW Indiana and Michigan in the fall.)

A couple more names to throw at you: Pickens-Kane for helping us keep the bus downtown and ready to roll, and our friends at Blue, just because.

Big thanks to all of our 2010 sponsors, new and old. Now back to racing! See you somewhere this weekend...Monsters? Fox River Grove? LDL?

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to thank the talented Christopher Dilts and Ben Fietz  for their efforts, equipment, and brand-new studio space in putting together our team photo. Sadly, a few of us couldn't make it into the shot, but they'll be out rocking the new kits somewhere.