It's starting!

Brean has won the 'street-cred' prime for being the first on the team mentioned in a racy little article about underground cycling over at Congratulations to Dan for a big win.

It is officially Spring and, regardless of a little nip in the air, it feels mighty nice to know that. Races are fully amongst us for the next few weeks and we're all pretty psyched.

It all begins with the team that has been a personal favorite. Half Acre continues to impress with a repeat of their season opening criterium series. It was originally called Kevin's Crits for sake of the most interesting sailor in Chicago but now it has changed names to one of the most interesting bloggers in Chicago. The Gaper's Blocks Crit Series is the second of their 5 major events and it's running from Monday, March 22 - Friday, March 26 down at Calumet Park in Chicago. Racing starts at 6 and continuously changes fields through until 8. A much better list of the details can be found here.

The bus will be going down on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to provide a little shelter and we'll have a water cooler and, maybe if you're lucky, somebody will take some grilling initiative. Feel free to swing by and hop in to warm up or hang out.

Saturday is another successful criterium in place to open up the Illinois Cycling Association's Illinois Cup Series. Burnham Racing hosted our coming out party 3 years ago and they're at it again with their third running of the Spring Super Criterium. The race is this Saturday, March 27.

A sure sign of a regional Spring classic is selling out the online registration within something like 2 days. The race track and organization they've got down at Blackhawk Farms is definitely worth the trip.