Chapter 3

Well. Here we are. Round 3.

We fired off some very big rounds over 2009. Aside from the results we have all become major gluttons for the experiences. Oh, and there sure as hell were results: Leland Kermesse winran the table at Velo-CityMayor's Cup winNACCC overall championALLVOI Cup championState road race championCycle Messenger World Champs podiumElite National qualifiers for the trackOfficially Unofficial Illinois State Singlespeed ChampionPartying at a golf resortOperation bus rescue, and plenty more podiums and off the bike successes.

It was a great time considering how difficult the 2nd year can be for a team like ours. We're rooted from a culture that is in a perpetual state of youth. In spirit more than anything. A lot of people around us live fast and once a novelty is done it's tough to keep something going. I'm sure it's probably not tougher than most (I'm such a whiner) but when you're a tight knit group like this it can get a bit dodgy. One ideal we try to maintain is what's best for you will most likely be what's best for the team. It helps when respecting the different styles and desires that come from a group of messengers, ex-messengers and never-messers (Stan).


(Big thanks again to the Lardy Photography)

Someone got a great offer we couldn't match and would have been crazy to turn them down. Someone decided it was best to part ways for a while and roll with another killer crew. Some haven't been able to race for this reason or that and some we love seeing out there no matter how few and far between. So the sun has set on one year, so to speak, but this great wheel keeps spinning.

One thing is for sure, the sun is rising again with a whole new lot of burning fury and we are rising up to meet it.


(what up minx!)

In an unprecedented recruitment blitz (!), we've got three new faces to add to the roster this year and I am so proud and excited to see them take us up on a chance to fly our colors. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days as we are privileged to introduce a few new faces to this raggedy little band of Cuttin' Crew 3.0...