We are so beyond cowbell...

Well kids, the local Chicago Cyclocross Cup came to a close Sunday (12/6) at lovely Montrose Harbor. Turin hosted the final stage and the Illinois Cyclocross State Championship. It's been a good season to say the least. (photo courtesy of Ed White) We've had our highs and lows.  A simple scroll down this front page of this site will show you that. Words and images do little to actually match the enjoyment of having been there and being a part of it.

Racing started at 10AM and built up throughout the day until the pièces de résistance, the 4b's race. That's when the superstars really come out of the woodwork. This year has shown some of the best yet.

If there's any doubt that Cuttin' Crew doesn't bring it big, let that all be thrown to the wayside. Avi did the double-up for the nth time. One round in the jersey. Another round in the jersey ("Tradition", well said, Luke.)

Dr. Morell tied up the category 4A's Chicago Cyclocross Cup series with enough points to lock 4th place, never finishing out of the top ten in the entire series. Big Ben was putting the hurtin' to 'em in the workboots. Adam came out in the retro outfit riding mama Gatto's bike. Max had yet another strong day in the 3's pulling down 17th place. One very delightful bit of news: Cuttin' Crew's little bun in the oven got the points to take the women's 4s in the overall points category for the Cup series. Congratulations Jannette Rho!

Everyone's day was made even brighter by those 4's races though. I can't put it better than them boys over at chicrosscup.com... Daryl made his CX debut in style. He played a great Donkey Kong even through Mario exacting his revenge...

(photo courtesy of chicrosscup.com)

And then. Well. There's Bradley. Sosa swinging for his 62nd home run. Michael winning it with a dunk from the free throw line. Some of us remember the moments and the flashes. Behold the glory. Thank you Ali for capturing that moment.

Good ol' Bradley's always there to remind us all how to go about life. If at first you break your leg, try, try again.

Bradley is halfway to China, Jeff is posting up, and Max is about to fall down laughing.

(photo courtesy of nerobro)

Congratulations to everyone on making it another FANTASTIC cyclocross season!