Thanks to some big help from supporters, a certain sponsor and our community (that includes you), the Chicago Cuttin' Crew will be represented by 4 great ambassadors. Teeners is attending as reigning overall NACCC champion, Al Urbanski & Molly are there courtesy of their VeloCity wins and Ben is there as a seasoned NACCC organizer and CMWC coordinator. They all got them some pretty little tickets to Tokyo and into the Cycle Messenger World Championships. Chicago will be represented big by, like, a dozen or so people. It should help with the work being done to catch the bid for 2011. (click on the "chicago info" link and you'll see how serious this is)

They left Thursday and the action begins tomorrow. Or today. Whatever the hell day it is over there...stupid Prime Meridian!

Anyway, Good luck guys! We miss you already!

*Naz, I totally stole your photo. Thanks.


We're already getting dispatches from the far east. We'll try to keep you posted. This one's from Ben:

We made it! I am settling into the hostel for the night. It was a crazy day of traveling. The flight was long, but uneventful. We waited around at the airport for the rest of the Chicago contingent to arrive. We ended up missing them, so we took a couple of train rides from the airport into the city. Getting seven people with huge messenger bags and bike boxes onto the crowded Tokyo subway was interesting. We finally got off the train in some big crazy mall in the Tokyo Times-Square and started to assemble our bikes on the sidewalk. This was really funny because tons of Japanese people were stopping and talking to us and taking pictures of us. I realized that I had forgotten to put my quick-release skewers into the box with my wheels, so I ended up locking my bike up at the mall and waking to the hostel. Right now I am sipping on a 6-oz can of Suntory Old whisky that I got from the 7-11 across the street. Now it is time to sleep in a box, and get up in the morning to try to find a pair of skewers.