Wow. All there is to say is Wow.

So enough of this serene, pretty sun setting over the velodrome bullshit. Rumor has it Al and Jeff missed out on the best Messenger Prom to date. The photo gallery is providing irrefutable evidence. Aside from growing ever so envious wasting away hours looking through awesome photos, you can gather 4 facts of life from this gallery. 1) Chicago is no bullshit when it comes to an amazing party. This man can rest assured knowing his labors were very fruitful.


2) If you put 3 really cool monkeys in a room for a few months, something brilliant will come of it. Emphasis on them being really cool monkeys.


3) The people have chosen. Ben and Liz have passed the torch. Queen Molly and King Josh it is...


4) Sometimes things happen that just make you feel like the world is getting right back to the way it belongs...

cuttin crew classic winner