What did you do last weekend?

"Training"? "Racing"? "Partying"? Well, if you're Molly you could always say, "Winning". Molly made her way up north on a little road trip with the Cuttin' Crew's guru of gears (and former messer), Kristen Meshberg. She did a road race in Duran, WI on Saturday and then popped into Madison on her way back to race in a criterium. The Duran race sounded like a difficult journey through hilly Wisconsin. Miss Godlewski had poor fortune and missed a chance to roll with the lead group. 20 miles solo is no fun but, in very admirable fashion, the woman stuck it out for the finish in the women's open.

The Cuttin' Crew's Queen of Criteriums came 'round to claim the top spot at Sunday's Greg Bednorski Memorial (#2) category 4 criterium. It was an even chillier race Sunday given the sunny weather everyone enjoyed on Saturday. Molly held tight in a lead pack as it dwindled down to 4 members through the course of the race. When the bell lap came it was clearly going to be a tactical sprint. Wits always help, but Molly also has the ability to back them skills with sheer strength. It looked like an early move was made with everyone still in a row and rounding the final turn. When she came in sight around the corner for the windy 300+ meter incline towards the finish, she was already in the first spot and had the juice to hold it strong through the line! Molly's record on criteriums for the year now stands at 2 first place finishes, 1 (very close) second place, and gotta give her a tally mark for having 1 post-up.

On the men's front, it was a small representation in Madison. Mike and Jeff did the Greg Bednorski Memorial criteriums (#1 and #2) on Saturday and Sunday. Mike fared very well. Placing 3rd in the first 4's race and then lining up for an immediate Master's 4/5 race and sweeping in to grab 6th on Saturday. Jeff only got to race the 4's because he's far too young to play with them lucky masters. He got 11th after his "leadout" effort for Mike. The pairing followed up the effort with a 9th and 10th place showing on Sunday. The other highlights included hanging with the Perkins clan and playing a key role in cheering on Molly to victory!