Super Brief

We'll fill you in on the details later, but a couple of highlights from Burnham's Spring Super Crit:

Molly got 2nd in the 4s. Avi, Jeff, and Max won primes. Avi "marathon man" Neurohr completed 4 races in one day. But that all pales to these sexy results:


Al and Stan suited up in their first race as 3s, with the sleet coming down fiercely and the temperature dropping. Al went out solo, was joined by a Get a Grip and Burnham riders, and they built up a lead of well over a minute. Late in the game, the field splintered, with Stan riding solo to catch Randy Warren in no-man's-land.

A three-up sprint at the line was decided by less than a length, and Al hung on for third. Stan outkicked his companion to take 7th.The bus was last seen heading to the aftermath of the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational to meet up with first place out of towner, Ben.

A good weekend for the Cuttin' Crew. Props to Burnham Racing and their massive hitlist of sponsors, Rachel for her relentless support and footage, Milwaukee and its fine cycling community.