Who loves ya baby?

Well. There has been plenty going on. Amidst the traveling to road races and tailgating at cyclocross races there have been developments within and without the team. Here is one thing that is definitely worth breaking the streak of non-communication:

October 9th, is 10/9 day. An irrelevant fact to most "normies" but to us messengers and open-channel geeks, 10/9 is code for "please repeat" or, more accurately, "fucking speak up", and/or "I definitely wasn't paying attention". Radio communication is what makes the job happen and therefore it's nice to have a holiday on the date of one of the key radio codes.

There is a good group of people (thank you Emily!) putting together a free breakfast for messengers this Thursday, October 9. The breakfast is available at the central location of the Thompson Center, AKA Thompson, AKA the birdcage, AKA governor's playhouse (no one else calls it that Swampy), AKA 100 W Randolph. Grub gets out at 8 AM and is getting packed up by 9 AM so get it while it's good.

By the way, this flier sums it up well. Guess correctly who it is on this flier and get a free sixer of your choice: