Daniella Update

Our little sister team, Yojimbo's Track Cats had a hard lesson handed to them recently. We've been working with them, (in some cases tirelessly...Bre) and everyone agrees some great things have come of it. National champions, their Champion trainers, World class athletes, the finest mechanics and Alums from the School of Hard Knocks have all joined the incredible volunteer committee and seemingly endless generosity of Marcus to help these kids grow as racers, riders and people. This team has done a bit of work to accommodate. We're also doing our best to share our relatively modest knowledge of velodrome riding, the respectful advice of Kenosha's velodrome mentors has certainly humbled us all. On our latest trip to the Washington Park Velodrome (August 19), one of the promising young ladies on the Track Cats got caught a bad situation. In the final race of the night, the Consolation Race, Daniella went down and hit the track hard. Stories have narrowed it down to a wheel collision, a common cause for wiping out. The painful problem was amplified, however, by the awkward manner in which she fell. She was knocked unconscious and flown to a hospital in Milwaukee. The MKE hospital was more suited for handling minors and she stayed in ICU unconscious for approximately 12 hours. She is back to a wary yet stable state of consciousness as of late. She has a few scrapes and bruises and carries a bad concussion on her resume but the medical staff is expressing confidence that she is in the midst of a full recovery.

Please keep her in your hopes, prayers, actions, whichever method you see fit to help strengthen her and her fam. Heal up quickly and keep rollin' Daniella.