Bicycle Film Festival Block Party

Long overdue part 1: Chris Dilts is winner for best photographer. Do yourself a favor and check out his awesome flickr set. Favorites include: Gorilla drinking sparks, Candles mysterio with the megaphone, BMX dude putting on a clinic, bike somersaulter guy pulling it off, bike somersaulter guy not pulling it off and Augie doing his Augie thing. Links? No. No links for you! See if you can find which ones I'm referring to. Until then. Here:


Yeah. It was pretty much like that.

Big props to Jamie for winning the women's sprints and gettin' in the mix with the big boys. Stan pulled off the overall sprint victory after coming off a 4th place finish at Glencoe Grand Prix 2 hours prior. Badass tricks and skids filled the long day up until Pete (PETE!) won the raffle for the Capone Cycles 312 Track frameset. Nothing but compliments were flying in regards to the new frameset, check them when you can, nocturnal BMX at 1436 W Fullerton.

This team also has one great supporter to thank... Thanks Rachel!