Chicago Cuttin' Crew Presents Capone Cycles Skids and Sprints

caponeskidimage1invert.jpg So here's the rules. We gots some things to do this next weekend at the Bicycle Film Festival Block Party (Sunday, August 10). Thanks to the generosity of the Capone Cycles group at Nocturnal BMX (1436 W Fullerton), there is a sick ass frameset going to some lucky punk.

The day begins with a $10 registration. Each registrant receives 3 free raffle tickets and has the option for more. Every registrant that is a current, working messenger gets a fourth ticket for free. Registrants can buy more tickets for $2 a pop. Non-registrants are welcome to buy, they just gotta cough up $3 a ticket.

For every round you advance through the double elimination sprint bracket, you will earn a ticket. Double elimination applies for first round losses only. For the worst of the worst stoppers in the skid comp, you will earn tickets. For the best trick by crowd vote, you will earn a ticket or two. In fact, you're going to have to work damn hard to not earn an extra ticket through the days events.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join the fun. Bikes with gears cannot shift given the short distance. All fixed gear riders without a brake must be capable and willing to stop their bike from a full sprint to a controlled pace within a short block's distance. The sprint course will be slightly over .2/mile. Short and fast hombre.

Those of you not familiar with skidding competitions, there will be a line from which your wheel must be locked up or your attempt will be voided. It's your world, you can do what you want in regards to helmets, I won't require 'em but I will admire 'em. Remember: your brain doesn't really heal.

The raffle will be called once these events are over and some lucky bastard will have to give their measurements and favorite color to the Capone cats and you will have a nice frameset coming your way! Hell, if they got what you like in stock, you could be slinging a new frameset before ya know it! To get an idea of what they offer, stop by their shop, Nocturnal BMX at 1436 W Fullerton.

All funds raised will go towards the storage and maintenance of the ever illustrious second home to the Cuttin' Crew and Track Cats... I'm talkin' 'bout the Cuttin' Cruiser people.