Proctor - Illinois Criterium State Championship

sassyclassy2.jpg06/29/08By BrynnBringing home a gold and a bronze at the state champs isn't too bad, for a new team. Sunday turned out to be a good day for us, up early we loaded up the bus with all the bike stuff and el presidente drove three hours south to the State Crit Championships or as some say "we were just trying to get to da bike race."Though the weather was questionable, just a few sprinkles hit. The course was full of turns and short allowing for lots of passes through the crowd and the cowbell. Women raced a short one. Only fifteen minutes with a lap on top of that. So after what turned out to be six laps, Brynn ended up rolling through the finish solo after a mishap between two Proctor girls to take the gold for the women's cat 4's and better, the Cuttin' Crew.Later in the day the boys were up with a forty minute race plus three laps and Stanley crossed the finish grabbing a bronze for the Cuttin' Crew, a couple of crashes at the last few turns caused the tactics in place to not go as well as we hoped but hey that's what happens sometimes and that's why we sign that piece of paper before we race, right?Everyone had a sloppy joe or two and a good time despite some poor sportsmanship from a girl in the 4's. The bus was loaded up again and we headed to the skyline. After a coupla bathroom breaks and some Steak n' Shake everyone was sleeping and you would have never guessed how loud we can be with cowbells and cheers and, even better, how fast we can ride them bicycles.It only gets better and better.