Think you've had a rough start?

Andrew is having a rough time lately. If you can recall, he took a mean spill at Hillsboro-Roubaix but came back smiling and cowbellin'. Well, now he's bouncing back after hitting the bricks in the finishing straightaway last weekend at the Great Dane Crit #2. What did he do after the accident? After cracking his helmet? After he trashed his bike, shoulder, back, hip, knee, shin, elbow, wrist, hand, everything except his eyelids? He hopped up and shouldered the bike and he ran a few hundred meters to cross the finish line. Poor guy seems to have a hex on him yet he refuses to succumb to frustration or pain. Besides being absolutely stupid fast, this is what this Andrew is all about.

The results page never tells the big story man. We're proud of you, good luck in those showers and shoulderin' that bag all week.


These photos are not for the faint of heart but, if you're so inclined, check out what your boy Andrew is dealing with. It's a reminder that helmets are good ideas...

imgp0494.jpg imgp0501.jpg imgp0503.jpg imgp0504.jpg imgp0506.jpg