How to get on 3rd Gen. Cuttin' Crew


You must adhere to all of these guidelines:

1) Know how to ride a bike.

2) Basically live on your bike.

3) Go really fast on your bike.

4) Be in Chicago.

5) Have nothing better to do.

6) Be willing to take this shit wa-a-ay too seriously.

7) Be Brynn Schwaba or Bradley Gates.


Fresh fish! Fresh fish!


This is our (un)official development program. Talent and commitment have combined to create two cats rising up from within the street scene that were so kickass we just had to ask if we could take them in before the rest of the world wisened up. Hazing will most definitely ensue but remember, no one punches my little brother/sister but me. Thanks for coming along for the ride guys! We know you'll make us proud! (...awwww)