Mike Morrell

The Doctor

Long ago, in the year 2000, depressed and jobless, I pedaled my Trek 930 mountain bike from Edgewater to the west loop where, despite a trip over the handlebars, I found salvation and employment as a bicycle messenger. Two years later, my career in full bloom, I rode a mini bike into a wall at a loft party and found comraderie and a chip on my shoulder as a member of the Chicago Cuttin' Crew (social club). In the spring of '08, at a "super" criterium in rural Illinois, eager yet out of shape, I fell head over heels again...for racing bikes. I'm honored that the Chicago Cuttin' Crew (race team) has allowed me to wear their colors while learning the ropes in the world of competitive (sanctioned) cycling.

2013 CMWC Chicago Overall: 13th

2013 Cat 3 Afterglow - A Cyclocross Race: 6th

2013 Cat 3 Norge Ski Jump Cyclocross: 8th

2013 M4 Hillsboro Roubaix RR: 6th

2012 M4 Fox River Grove Criterium: 5th

2009 M4 Hillsboro Roubaix RR - 6th

2009 Greg Bednorski Memorial Cat 4 Criterium - 3rd

2009 Leland Kernmesse Cat 4 Road Race - 3rd

2009 Snake Alley Cat 4 Criterium - 8th

2009 Hopkins Park Cat 4a Cyclocross Race - 6th

2009 Sunrise Park Cat 4a Cyclocross Race - 5th