Marie Snyder

Prime Queen

I ain't scared.


2014 Ed Rudolph Velodrome W123 Rider of the Year: 3rd place

2014 W123 IL State Points Race Champion

2014 Women's IL State Sprint Championship: 2nd

2014 W123 IL State Keirin Championship: 3rd

2014 W123 Amy Tremelling Memorial Race: 2nd

2014 W3/4 Spring Super Criterium: 3rd

2013 W123 IL State Keirin Championship: 2nd 

2013 W1234 Spring Super Crit: 5th

2012 Cranksgiving - CHI - Most Generous

2012 Riverwest24 B team - 2nd - RIP Black Cat

2012 W4 Ken Woods RR - 1st

2011 Cuttin' Crew Classic DFL

2011 Ed Rudolph Velodrome W4 Rider of the Year

2008 Stuporbowl XI - 23rd

2007 Stuporbowl X - FINISHED IT

USAC Results

Photo credits:
2014 Sprinters Dream by Ed White
2013 Team Photo by Chris Dilts
2013 Keirin State Champs by Catherine Watkins
2013 Lincoln Park Crit by Ed White
2012 Keirin by Ed White