Maria Larkin

High-fiving A Million Angels


2015 Irish National Cyclocross Championships: 2nd - Silver Medal

2015 W123 Cyclocross Illinois State Champion

2015 W123 Chicrosscup Series Overall: 1st

2014 W123 Chicrosscup Series Overall: 3rd

2014 W123 Carpenters Park Cx: 3rd

2014 W123 Sunrise Park Cx: 3rd

2014 W3 Criterium State Championship: 1st

2014 W3/4 Spring Super Criterium: 2nd

2013 W123 Chicrosscup Series Overall: 8th 

2013 + 2014W123 Madison State Champion (w/Daff)

2013 W4 Tour of Galena Omnium: 1st

Most DNF's in the 2012 Chicrosscup (at least within the Crew) 

2012 Riverwest 24: 2nd (Category B) w/ Daff, Teeners, Marie and Jamers

2011 W4 Keirin State Champion