Joshua Shough

10-4 That, Good Buddy

I have always loved riding bikes, working on bikes, welding bikes and teaching my son to ride bikes.. I love bikes!

I did a few alleycats in Columbus, Ohio before my bike got stolen and I moved to Chicago. I eventually started working as a bike messenger and

loved going as hard as i could through Chicago traffic. I did the the Chicago NACCC in 2008 and I decided I was going to give bike racing a more serious chance. I started riding a lot more to get ready for the 2009 season. During the 2009 season I started  going up to the track to watch some of my messenger friends race. Because of my Achilles ( I got in an accident and put a small rip in it) I couldn’t race but i still had a great time supporting and hanging out with my friends on the on the Crew.

I felt OK to race in time to do one of Breans’ Alleycats  (which lead to me and my wife asking each other out) and my first sanctioned races: the last of the soldier field crits and the state road race, followed by ‘cross!!!

The bond and the feeling of community that was started in the 2009 season grew throughout the 2010 season. I became one of the drivers of the bus and worked with guys on the team in several road and track races.

The cuttin’ crew showed me what a team could be; good friends having a blast and kicking ass. Now that I am on the team I found where I should be. I’m having a blast and I look forward to kicking ass with a great group of friends.

2009 Bike Messenger Prom King
Iowa Spring Classic Series 2: 3rd
Cody Series Race #2: 3rd
OSRS #1 – Germantown Road Race: 2nd
Gapers Block Crits: 3rd
Kenosha Velodrome :
Cat. 5: 6 Lap Scratch Race: 1st
Cat.4/5’s 25: Lap Points Race: 3rd
Cat. 5 Unknown Distance: 2nd
Cat. 5 Miss & Out: 1st
2011 Cat. 4 Quad Cities crit: 1st