Jeff Perkins

When you look good, you feel good

The first year of the Chicago Cuttin' Crew was a huge success. Actions have always carried more weight than words and I've never seen anyone define a team better than this 2008 Crew. Nothing tops a genuine feeling of success to set up your teammate for victory. This race team was our baby and, through insane commitment, she grew legs. I like to think we've all grown a lot together too. I know I have.There were goals I made back in '07 that never came to fruition. After our inaugural '08 season, however, I saw all these hopes come together around me. Everywhere I go, people who live by their bikes and wouldn't regularly consider racing ask me about how to check it out. Many races we attend, people have come to recognize, know and some even respect the passion messengers have for cycling. Chicago has again become a higher profile city of prominence in the messenger and urban cycling culture while not compromising any sincerity. While none of these things were solo accomplishments, I certainly love to be in the midst of it all.It’s been a long season but it’s a great one. I definitely love this gig and love this Crew. What else is there to say? Hopefully we’ll keep this bus rollin’...

08/09 Illinois State Cat 4 Road Race Championship - 1st

Illinois Cycling Association Cup Cat 4 Champion

Elite Track National Championship Qualifier

08/09 Allvoi Cup Pursuit Cat 3/4/5 Track Race Series - 2nd Overall

08/09 Illinois State Kilometer Track TT Championship - 4th

08/09 Illinois State Sprint Track Race Championship - 4th