Jamie Gavin-Smyth

Snip Snip

Hi, I’m Jamie. Why do I ride the bike? Because it seems to make everything better and more exciting. Here are some examples why: For the commute! Getting to work is WAY better when you race the cars then when you’re stuck at a snail’s pace and burning gas. And on the way home it beats the pants off those back pains from a long day standing and snipping hairs. For the challenges of going faster and farther! Like exploring 160 miles of the Illinois countryside on a track bike with no panniers or chamois or a rear brake or a way to coast. For the way it clears my head! Or maybe it just fills it up…

2014 Iceman Cometh Challenge: 6th 

2014 Battle of Cam Rock MTB: 1st

03/13 Gapers Block Crit - 1st

11/09 Cyclocross For Life Cat 4 Cyclocross Race - 8th

11/09 Indian Lakes Resort Cat 4 Cyclocross Race - 11th

11th 11/09 Campton Cross Cat 4 Cyclocross Race - 12th

10/09 Sunrise Park Cat 4 Cyclocross Race - 7th

10/09 BB/VP Bar-B-Cross Cat 4 Cyclocross Race - 9th

10/09 Hopkins Park Cat 4 Cyclocross Race - 11th