Jake Huizenga

Young Jake

Hailing from Western Michigan i moved to Chicago in 2010. I was unhappily stuck in front of a computer doing data entry when a friend pointed out a help wanted add in the paper for a bike messenger gig… that was the beginning of the end. I fell in love with the job and the culture and have never looked back, participating in alley cats locally and nationally introduced me to the spirit of competitive cycling. After my first season of racing cross I'm super excited to be apart of the Cuttin Crew!


2013 SS Open Chicrosscup Series Overall: 8th 

2013 SS Open Chicrosscup Campton Cross: 4th 

2013 SS Open Chicrosscup PSI-Clocross for Life: 6th 

2013 SS Open Chicrosscup Dan Ryan Woods: 7th 

2013 4/5 Chicrosscup Dan Ryan Woods: 8th 


Alley Cats: 

2013 Cuttin Crew Classic Friday Night Alley Cat: 3rd

2013 Thruster Alley Cat: 1st 

2012 Ride Like Hell: Premium Rush Alley Cat: 1st

2012 End of The World Alley Cat: 1st