Chicago Bike Racing (Luke's baby) - His thoughts on Cuttin' Crew? "Having been beaten by them in many an alleycat and 'cross race, I can confirm this: They're fearless and wicked fast". Needless to say, we like Luke. A true positive for the sport.

 Yojimbo's Track Cats -  I believe the children are the future! Give them track skills and let them lead the way!

Christopher Dilts - If there are photos from any event we've been at, Chris is the one with the best. His flickr account is awesome too.

Julio - "you gotta be f'n kidding me..." ..raw commentary on the Chicago courier industry from someone who gets to give it.

Josh - Remember when you'd be nervous hanging out with that guy that was cooler and nicer than you? That guy is Josh.

George  Christensen -  He tours, he messengers, he hails from the greatest city in the world. Gotta  love it.

The Bonebell - Good people keep good company. Paolo IS Chicago and these cats are AWESOME!

Chicago Bike Polo - Lucky will put you in check. On and off the court, field, you name it.

Bike Winter - Never say never people. Puh-leeze...this is CHICAGO!

1 Speed - When Avi needs to brain dump his races, he does it here.

hipsternascar - Simon likes to ride in ovals and is a kind, worldly man with a good sense of humor. Oh! And he also has a funny accent!

Ben - Imagine a kickass Rocky-esque montage with someone riding his bike up parking garage ramps. That's Ben.

Chicago Fixed Gear Forum - The eyes and ears of every kind of web savvy cyclist in Chicago. (username required)

TwoSpoke Bike and Cycling Forum -  Bicycle forum with reviews for all types of Bikes. Road, mountain, BMX, recumbent and more.

cyclejerks (Denver)- There's Tomfoolery about! These young rascals certainly live up to their title.

Godspeed Courier (San Francisco) - We all just play bike compared to these guys.

Cog Magazine (Milwaukee) - So pretty, so glossy. Don't sleep on MKE, they're the highest of quality and those cats have been doing their thing for a long ass time.

Squid (NYC) - The great one. This guy is the reason New York City never has to compare itself to New York City.

Bikeliker - da Videos, da Pics.

Chicago Couriers Union - No, I do not want to take the freight elevator.