Andrew Nordyke


Lance was wrong when he said it's not about the bike. What separates the Cuttin' Crew apart from any other team in the area is the fact that we live our lives on the bicycle. We're a tight knit family who are all working for a team win. The Cuttin' Crew will be a major force, pedaling through the grit, grime, and sunshine.

08/09 Cuttin Crew Classic Alleycat - 1st

08/09 - Illinois State cat 4 Road Championships - Leadout for 1st

08/08 North American Cycle Courier Championship - 5th

05/08 Madison cat 3/4 track race - 1st

05/07 North American Cycle Courier Championship - 3rd

01/07 - 3/07 10th Annual Tour da Chicago - 1st Overall