The Present

The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew is a team of exceptional riders built from the messenger community and urban street racing circuit. We have built relationships and friendships through a unique, shared passion for cycling. It has quite literally defined our lifestyle. We exist in a pronounced messenger culture that was not made by this team, but it made this team. The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew has made a name for itself grinding out credibility on the streets one day, one race at a time. We’ve been on other teams, we’ve seen other teams, we are not like other teams.

The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew is a team built out of combining each member’s successes and unique styles. On our terms. We combine our talents into a solid unit that exists far from the status quo. As individuals we have had success in alleycats and sanctioned races, as team we are truly unstoppable.

History of The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew

The Chicago Cuttin’ Crew started with a small number of dedicated messengers, at the turn of the new millennium. Known for a genuine presence, this group of individuals left a lasting impression on the Chicago cycling community. As a result of their need to define one’s existence through life on a bicycle, a very distinct style, technique and energy was created. From excessively long work days, to sprinting through the elements, organizing epic events and showing Chicago that a bicycle can move at the speed of traffic, a new set of standards was put in place.

With the second wave of the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew, the group became a nationally recognized and respected outfit of couriers. Both generations combined to be a pillar in the Midwest’s messenger culture through many facets, namely race organizing and performance. This credibility was revered on the streets but hardly ever crossed into sanctioned racing. As the door opens to both messengers and riders who have developed and embody a similar style and devotion, we hope to bring a positive new national attention to our community and the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew. Herein lies the third generation.

Find us at chicagocuttincrew@[not you evil spambots]